How to Shop for Threaded Jewelry!

How to Shop for Threaded Jewelry!

How to Shop for Threaded Jewelry!

Body jewelry has a couple of different ways that the pieces can attach to each other. A lot of the jewelry that we use is threadless and is phenomenal for most applications. For the areas where it falls short we use internally threaded jewelry. This post will break down the applications for threaded jewelry and how to order it from our webstore! 

We like threaded jewelry for curved and circular barbels as well as large gauge jewelry. Some manufacturers prefer to make larger diameter ends threaded because they're worried about the stability of the threadless pins on larger pieces. For these pieces you will need threaded posts as well.

Threading isn't compatible across all gauge sizes. 18g and 16g share the same threading and 14g and 12g share the same threading. Pieces will be labeled with what gauge threading they have so be sure to purchase the corresponding gauge threaded shaft. Beads are countersunk for their gauge so be sure to buy the correct gauge for the best fit! 

Most of our pieces are sold separately so here is a guide on what to order so you have a complete piece of jewelry. Without all the correct pieces you will not be able to wear your piece of jewelry!


Industrial and Nipple Barbels

  • Straight barbel shaft in gold or titanium
  • Two threaded ends not all ends will be suitable for these piercings so use your best judgement or ask us for recommendations!

Circular Barbel

Navel Curve


Curved Barbel for Rook, Antitragus, Vertical Labret, Vertical Philtrum

A quick note about threading decorative ends on curved barbels: Decorative ends that face a specific direction may not thread that way on every curved barbel - even from the same brand. A good way to avoid this is to choose round pieces that will look good from any direction for curved barbels!


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