Lifetime Guarantee & Repairs

All our jewelry carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover loss or damage as a result of misuse. While jewelry is not expected to break it can sometimes happen. If you have a piece break on you just get it back to us and we will send it back to the manufacturer for repair!

If you’re in the area you are welcome to drop it off anytime we’re open (Tuesday -Saturday, 12-6pm) just text (703) 688-2968 when you arrive and we’ll come grab it! You’re also welcome to drop it through the mail slot on the door if you come by outside of business hours. For either of these options just have it in a baggy labeled with your name, contact and “repair”.

If you’d rather send it back, ship it to us at

Brilliance Piercing
421 Church St NE Suite C
Vienna, VA 22180

And we can get that sent back to the manufacturer to get it repaired for you!

Please don’t send items that don’t need repair (ex. You have a pair of earrings and one is broken - only send the broken one). If you’re shipping it please be sure to package it up safely as we are not responsible for repairs that don’t make it to us! Do not send jewelry in an envelope like a letter - it will be destroyed or lost in the mail sorter at the post office! Please include a note with your name, contact and “repair”.

Please contact us via email to let us know that you are sending something for repair so we know to expect it!