What is Threadless Jewelry and How Does it Work?

What is Threadless Jewelry and How Does it Work?

What is Threadless Jewelry and How Does it Work?

The majority of the jewelry that we use in the studio is what is referred to as "threadless" and is widely used in the piercing industry. So what is threadless jewelry and what does that mean?

Threadless refers to how the decorative ends and the labret or post attach to each other in the jewelry. The other commonly used style of attachment is threaded jewelry where the pieces screw together. In threadless jewelry the pieces simply snap together so there's no need to twist or turn and the ends are compatible on a variety of different gauge posts.

So how do these pieces stay together? There is a tiny pin on the back of the decorative end. Your piercer will put a bend in it about 1/4" from the tip of the pin and the tension from that bend will hold it in place in the post. How dramatically the pin is bent will make it easier or harder to remove from the post. If you frequently remove your jewelry that bend may straighten out and need to be rebent to stay in place.

In this video one of our piercers, Jen, explains the pieces and how they work together to give you a complete piece of jewelry:

We like threadless jewelry for many applications because of the ease of use and the general security of the pieces. It is very simple to pull the ends off and move them around your piercings. As long as you have threadless posts that fit your piercings appropriately you can wear the same end in your earlobe, helix, nostril and lip piercing without have to stretch any of them!

 In this video Jen explains how to change and remove threadless jewelry in a piercing:

If you've never used this style of jewelry before there may be a bit of a learning curve but we hope that these videos help!