How To Shop For Nostril Jewelry!

How To Shop For Nostril Jewelry!

How To Shop For Nostril Jewelry!

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to order jewelry for nostril piercings off of our webstore. So we put together this little guide to help you out!

Picking a post:

We use implant grade titanium flat back labrets for nostril piercings. These are available in dozens of sizes to perfectly fit a nostril piercing in any stage of healing and on any shape nose.

The offer more security than something like a nose bone or L‑bend while being more low profile inside your nostril than a nostril screw. They also minimize movement to help reduce irritation! They’re also compatible with threadless ends from all the major companies so you have tons of options to choose from!

The length you need will vary depending on the age, swelling and angle of your piercing as well as the shape and size of your nose. Ideally a piercer can help you size it but if that’s not an option here are some rough guides:

Happy and healed: 7/32” ‑ 5/16”
Fresh or irritated: 5/16” ‑ 7/16”

Since we cannot take returns on opened jewelry we recommend being confident in your size before ordering. If you have jewelry that fits you well you can always measure that!

How do I get it in?

Since threadless labrets are inserted “backwards” to what most people are used to we recommend this little tool to help you get it in! In this video one of our piercers, Jen, will show you how to use it:

So what can I wear on it?

Essentially any of the gold or titanium threadless ends! Some classics are:
  • Simple disks are available in a variety of sizes in both titanium and gold and give you the lowest profile to avoid accidental snags. 
  • Prong set CZs are the absolutely classic little sparkle! These have long been a best seller for nostrils and we have them in a range of sizes and stone colors. Available in both gold and titanium.
  • Bezel set cabochons are great if you’re not into sparkles but still want a stone these synthetic stones in titanium and gold are always a great option. They’re available in a range of sizes and colors too!
  • And lastly, hider disksThese little discs are textured and colored to resemble a mole or freckle on your nose to help you hide your piercing!

The options are almost endless! We made this Instagram guide highlighting even more of our favorites:


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