Nipple Barbells with Forward Facing Gem Balls


A straight barbell with forward-facing gemstones to maximum visibility for a nipple piercing!  These are internally threaded barbells, and this style has been discontinued by the vendor, meaning we cannot order these any longer!  What we have is what we have!

  • 12g barbell thickness
  • Wearable length varies from 3/8" - 5/8"
  • 3/16" beads hold 4mm gems
  • One stone is welded to the post, the other unscrews
  • Made from implant-grade ASTM F-136 titanium
  • Sold as a single

This is a part of our Departing Collection - these are deeply discounted items and discontinued inventory - of the same quality of our other jewelry - these items cannot be re-ordered and once they're gone they're gone!   Additional discounts cannot apply to these items.

This item is final sale!  Be sure to check the measurements!