Insertion Pin for Threadless Jewelry

Type: Supplies

Insertion pins are a useful tool to assist with inserting threadless jewelry into a healed piercing.  To use an insertion pin:

  1. Insert the insertion pin skinny section first into your piercing.
  2. Once through your piercing, slip your threadless post onto the thin portion of the insertion pin.  They should be firmly together.
  3. Push the threadless post through the piercing, using the insertion pin as a guide through the hole.
  4. Remove the insertion pin.  Your threadless post should be inside your piercing and you should be able to see it.
  5. Insert your threadless end into your threadless post and be sure they're tightly together!
Here is a video where we walk you through how to use an insertion pin in a nostril piercing but it can be used in a variety of other piercings as well:

This is not a needle, and is only intended for inserting jewelry in already existing piercings. Don't attempt to pierce your nostril with this tool, it won't work. This tool should not be shared between individuals. 

Threadless posts and jewelry sold separately.