Ring Sizing Kit

Type: Supplies

This is a ring-sizing kit to help you determine what size ring will best suit your piercing!  These are flexible try-on rings that are made for you to slip around your piercing to help determine what size hoop will best work for you.

To use the ring-sizing kit, simply slip the ring over the area where your piercing is, and be sure to line the ends up right where the entry/exit points of your piercing are.  You may need a friend's assistance to make sure it's lined up correctly.

The correct size ring will not pull or dig in anywhere surrounding the piercing.  If it seems like the ring is digging in or cutting in anywhere, that means it's too small!  Once you know the correct size for the hoop, then you will be able to order your permanent jewelry to wear in the piercing!

This ring sizing kit will come with the following diameter rings:

  • 5/16" 8mm
  • 3/8" 9.5mm
  • 7/16" 11mm
  • 1/2" 12.5mm
  • 9/16" 14mm

1/4" and 3/16" are not currently available. 

These diameters can be used to determine what size ring you may need for the following piercings:

  • helix/cartilage
  • conch
  • nostril
  • lip
  • earlobe
  • tragus
  • septum